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Delali Ewe word of the day. Translated as "my saviour lives" iread kasahorow. Our Books in print. Hausa , at Old School restaurant near BusyInternet. Identify the Hausa word and it's meaning. Photograph by kafuiday. At kasahorow retreat somewhere in Asylum Down, laimomo walk, Accra. It was awesome meeting my team.

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We are promoting African language kasahorow. Ewe languages igers kasahorow.

Branding localization Akan kasahorow. Community hospital in Adabraka promoting the use of local languages.

102 Akan Verbs (kasahorow Language Guides)

Wo sua wo hu:- iread Akan language daily to promote African language. Subscribe to Kasahorow. Spot and type the special characters in the picture in the comment box. Give it a try.

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Translate the text in the photo. Akan kasahorow airport signs. Ewe My language campaign. My language campiagn.

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Yaro mylanguage hausa WestAfrica kasahorow. Spotted mylanguage Ewe AfricanLanguages kasahorow. Regrann from learnganow - The Ga Learner's Dictionary by kasahorow is a great resource for learning the galanguage. The Ga Learner's Dictionary by kasahorow is a great resource for learning the galanguage. Master the simple tenses of the Ga language. This kasahorow grammar guide includes - a basic conjugation for regular Ga verbs - Simple Present, Simple Past, and Simple Future tenses for over 20 Ga verbs.

Written in Modern Ga.

Modern Ga is a simplified spelling system used to write all the varieties of spoken Ga. The Ga language uses three letters that are not in the English alphabet. Install the free kasahorow app on your phone.

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