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Unlike in many other countries, references to toilet habits, male and female genitalia and other taboo subjects pop up in general conversations all the time without anyone giving it a second thought. And why do "testicles" keep being mentioned? Swearing in Spain is as common as it is ludicrous, so if you wish to embrace the ever-present potty language or simply want to understand what your Spanish friends are trying to convey, read on!

Me cago en la leche: Spaniards metaphorically crap on all kinds of things when they want to express anger or frustration; from God Almighty Dios , to 'your' mother tu madre and the salty sea la mar salada. Perhaps the most bizarre thing they choose to mentally defecate on is 'the milk'.

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All these expressions sound very vulgar in English but in Spanish they're so common most recipients would barely bat an eyelid. Photo: Kristem Shoemaker.

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Don't be surprised if you hear everyone from grandmothers to schoolkids shouting it out at top volume. Photo: David Goehring. If someone or something is 'la hostia', it is amazing or the bee's knees.

Then there's to give someone a host, dar una hostia, which means to smack or hit someone. Photo: Francesco Rachello. Although the word for a fart in Spanish is pedo, the expressions are a colloquial way of saying 'to be drunk'. For interest's sake, in Spanish you throw a fart if you want to say you've passed wind - tirarse un pedo.

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Not that you would make that public knowledge! Photo: Alec Schueler. Me importa tres cojones: This saying means 'I couldn't give a damn' in English. It's used as a verb acojonar - to scare , as an adjective acojonante-amazing and many more! Photo: Paolo Camera. De puta madre: Calling someone a 'hijo de puta' son of a bitch might land you in trouble in Spain despite the customary use of swearwords by many Spaniards.

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But the most common superlative in colloquial Spanish is 'de puta madre', which means great or awesome. It can also be used as an adverb: juega de puta madre - he plays really well. Photo: Thomas Beck.

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Llevar los huevos de corbata: Male genitalia used again in a common colloquial expression in Castilian Spanish. To wear your balls as a tie translates as being tense or nervous.

Photo: Joseph Choi. But Spaniards, mainly young ones, will very often use this saying when they're excited about how great something is.

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You say this when you want to express shock or surprise. Spain's news in English Search. Editions Austria Denmark France. Germany Italy Norway. Mothers love a genuine and creative gift. And that is the reason why I am giving you more than a rose. This is a beautiful poem for a strong mother who truly helped shape you into the person you are today.

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This simple yet elegant poem is a haiku when written or recited in Spanish. Think outside of the box with how you share this poem with her.

Maybe you can get it written on a cake! This is a great poem for a mother to write to her own mom. Any grandmother would love it because it acknowledges her as the woman who started it all! When I grow up, I want to be just like you, a great woman. This poem is ideal for a young girl who admires her mother and all of her virtues. Any of these poems would make your mother smile on her special day.

If you want to use one of these poems, feel free to change some of the adjectives to make it more personal for your mom.