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We have a fresh group of folks that are going to be our future leaders, and are working to ensure that the exam is relevant for current and future leaders.

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Right on, man…. Technology Round-Up — November 7, Share this post. I came from a finance background so I lack the traditional supply chain knowledge.

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Hoping obtaining CPSM will make up for some of the education and technical knowledge needed in this field. Also, it was highly recommended by a mentor and my current boss. I passed this past year actually I utilized the spiral bound and actual text book and referenced both a good bit.

How to pass the CSCP exam

You definitely have to put in time before to study I normally tried to give myself weeks to just kind of prep and read before the test and then pound out some serious studying the week before and really apply myself. I would seriously suggest taking the practice test two or three times before you actually sit for the real exam and print and go through the questions you got right and which you got wrong so you can truly understand the framework and questions they are wanting you to answer The more time you give yourself can be a double edged sword though because you really can slack off Also there is a lot of good info on Quizlet which I used to study general terms and definitions.

Actually just bought the book ytd so u will definitely be getting some PMs from me haha.

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ISM offers many products and publications to keep you on the leading edge of new trends in supply management. Check Back Soon!

Important Dates to Remember: Last day to apply for the C. Conferences and Seminars ISM offers members to attend a variety of conferences and seminars at a discount. Products and Publications ISM offers many products and publications to keep you on the leading edge of new trends in supply management.

December Collaboration we must have it!

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