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Rather it is the surest path to success and relevance in business and in life. Holocaust survivor and Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, who lost a substantial portion of his personal fortune in Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme , helped launch the Seidman book's new edition, with its foreword by President Bill Clinton. Of the book, Wiesel said, "Dov Seidman's How is a brilliant social-ethical study. It simplifies for the reader the complexity of vital challenges facing humanity today. Students and teachers alike will profit from reading this book.

I'm pleased to quote Hebrew scripture in encouraging us all to put the book's ideas farther into practice. We've seen a lot of childish behavior from corporate America in recent years, especially in the financial sector. Such behavior must not only be confronted but transformed and Seidman's How is one way we can get started. He blogs at www. Follow Jim on Twitter JimWallis.

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How 3. Guest More than 1 year ago Dov Seidman respects your intelligence. Corporate achievement now depends far more on how you act than on what you do. With the proliferation of media outlets, the Internet, notably YouTube, and cable channels, everyone is watching. Seidman uses fascinating anecdotes, case studies and scientific research to prove that goal-driven companies must focus on openness, integrity, values and ethics. Do things right, you win do them wrong, you lose and end up exposed on the Web.

Don't expect a how-to manual on doing the right thing or being the right kind of leader or worker or decision maker; instead, expect to reconsider a few things you've always taken for granted, and get some interesting stories on human nature -- and varying business cultures -- along the way. It's the kind of business sociology book that can be applied in business as much as in everyday life, and I believe that's what makes it more compelling than a standard how-to or how-not-to read, as the case may be.

And as an added plus, narration by Scott Brick is spot-on. Guest More than 1 year ago The best business-related book I've read in quite a while. Anonymous More than 1 year ago. Guest More than 1 year ago This book could not be a bigger waste of time. To even suggest that it is on the same level at The World is Flat is preposterous.

How: Why How We Do Anything Means Business (and in Life)

What is even more insulting does not practice what he preaches. I know first hand the turn over rate inside his companies walls are the highest in the industry. A better title for the book would have been SCAM. Would not the world be a better place if we just extended trust and were trust worthy!