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Essential oils had never passed the smell test with me no pun intended, I swear , so until now, I had not tried them.

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One could say so, but certainly not on schoolwork. One caution is that some people, particularly those with asthma, can be sensitive to inhaling these — or any — chemicals.

Essential Oils 101 with Sarah Harnisch

So make sure that the essential oils are not causing difficulty breathing or any other unwanted allergic reaction. The claim: A known antiseptic, the distilled oil from Melaleuca alternifolia — a myrtle tree native to Australia — is thought to kill live lice, although its ability to kill eggs is in question. The most common application method seems to be applying directly to the scalp before covering the head with a towel or shower cap.

Many sources, even ones of questionable veracity, seem to pooh-pooh the ability of tea tree oil to kill hardy parasites, but tea tree-based lice shampoo can be found at most grocery stores. So, a combing or nit-removal technique is needed if tea tree oil is used. The concentration of tea tree oil is also very important, as too-concentrated oil can cause a rash.

There is also some evidence that repeated tea tree oil could cause male breast development gynecomastia , presumably because it acts like a hormone in the body. Also, in higher doses and repeated applications, it is theoretically carcinogenic. So it is not recommended for frequent applications. In short, no.

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  7. Neither my husband nor I saw a noticeable difference in temperament or gas reduction when my son was a baby, and though we still use probiotics capsules off and on to hedge our bets during cold and flu season, their effect on immune or gut function for us is largely unnoticeable. One possible downside to probiotics is that most products contain dairy. The claim: The hype is dying down a bit on this once-maligned, extremely saturated fat, but some still believe in its powers to regulate metabolism and strengthen the immune system, alleviate cradle cap and diaper rash, and even substitute as a sunscreen again, do not try this at home.

    The refined kind is less expensive, but does not contain the purported health benefits. Forgive me if I still have a bit of difficulty slathering it on the inside and outside of my body. However, it does make a pretty decent winter moisturizer for both my son and me. One caveat: She actually specifically recommends it for children under 2 years of age, as infants need saturated fat for brain development. My family is blessedly free of allergies, so I had to ask around on this one.

    Portland mom Jenya Rafi runs Inquisitive Mermaids, a local Facebook group focused on toxin-free living, and is such a devotee of local honey she buys it in bulk. If allergies are really bad, local bee pollen is even better! However, the studies that have looked at this have been inconsistent. So it is unknown if it helps, but, as long as a child is over 1 year of age, it is safe to ingest raw honey. Kat Merck is a freelance writer, editor and mom who was once publicly shamed in line at Natural Grocers for buying cheese.

    She continues to buy cheese — and sometimes not even the organic kind — while living in Camas, Wash.

    Essential Oils for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

    File under the things no one told you about being a mom: Finding new friends is hard. But many moms are building their village with the help of websites and apps. Among the litany of indignities in the transfer of parenting knowledge, little is said about what might be one of the most difficult parts of the whole process: making friends as a mom. However, unlike in college, mom friendships are a little more complicated than sharing a major or favorite band. Geographic location.

    Protects skin from sun damage.

    Personal interests. Parenting styles. Attitudes toward health care and vaccines.

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    The list goes on and on. Others moved to a new town with not-quite-school-aged kids, or just had their bestie move away to another state. Even as Mark Zuckerberg is probably selling your personal photos right now for another stretch of private beach in Hawaii, Facebook remains, for better or for worse, an extremely convenient way to stay in touch with friends and family back home and keep up on on local news and recommendations. With the Portland area chock-full of groups, from the general Portland Mamas now with more than 20, members to specialty-focus groups like Portland Autism Moms and Portland-area Working Moms , the likelihood is high for winnowing out a kindred spirit or two.

    We made plans to get our boys together before the start of school. The kids hit it off, and so did we. We did a family dinner and our husbands also got along well.


    Our boys are in third grade now and we are still the best of friends. BabyCenter, Circle of Moms, The Bump, Mamapedia — odds are you ended up on one of these during your first pregnancy to see if you were dying or had just lost your mucus plug.

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    In fact, many moms find that meeting friends on an online message board can be just as good as — if not better than, for scheduling purposes — a face-to-face meeting. Jaime Davis of Milwaukie, whose daughter was born in , is one such mom. In fact, she finds she feels closer to some of her message-board friends than those she knows in real life.

    The clincher, she says, was having people with whom to compare notes in the middle of the night, or talk to at any time during the long, sequestered months of flu season with a newborn. Eventually, a faction of the women broke off into their own Facebook group, which facilitated even more sharing of information. Through all that sharing with one another, we became real friends. Turns out, it can even foster potentially lifelong friendships.

    An acquaintance had said she would watch the Babysteals page and alert anyone who wanted to be alerted when something popped up. Quite a few ladies accepted the help, and a group message was started through Facebook … we were all still talking long after birthday week had ended, so we decided to form a Facebook group. Though the women are spread out throughout the United States, Veal feels — like Davis — that the distance has done nothing to diminish her perception of support and friendship.

    Two are local to me, and two have traveled to my area and we have met up. One from New Jersey met up with my family while we were both at Disney World. I am happy to count them all as very close friends — maybe closer than my real-life friends. Though it may sometimes feel like it exists solely to make you feel bad about your dress size and summer vacation choices or lack thereof , turns out Instagram has potential for making mom friends.

    I came across a woman whose story sounded [similar] to mine, so I reached out to her. She told me there was a big [infant-loss] community on Instagram. People felt safe to post photos of their babies, and you end up following people based on their comments, things you can relate to. She eventually met a group of the women in Chicago last September and they spent the weekend together. But it was … it was just incredible. For some moms, as intimate and flexible as online friendships can be, nothing can replace the feeling of being able to meet up at the playground or catch a Red Yarn concert together with your toddlers.

    So I made a leap of faith. She says it was particularly easy to feel comfortable around the other women because they had an additional shared experience in addition to being parents: being new to Portland. A couple of Portland moms had told me off the record of their successes with Peanut, so I decided to try it for myself, as I had recently moved from Portland to the suburbs and was struggling to find like-minded friends.

    I downloaded the app and created a profile.

    DIY Sunscreen: Myth Busted! | Gwen's Nest

    Women are encouraged to include photos of their entire families, along with themselves demonstrating activities they enjoy. Which, during my stint, seemed largely limited to Snapchat filters and novelty Christmas sweaters. Because I had just moved, I included a photo of my son and myself amid the sprawling pumpkin patch in our old yard. I thought about complete strangers looking at the photo of me in my old college sweatshirt, or zooming in to see what our house looked like in the background, and felt strangely vulnerable and uncomfortable.

    Essential Oils for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

    I was unsure how to proceed, and suddenly felt elderly. I waited a few hours and replied. Why not just come out and ask in the first place?