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Award Winner. Reviewed Content. Available for Course Adoption. Features Provides suggestions on storytelling techniques specific to each tale Includes spot drawings that enliven each of the stories A bibliography provides all the details for the story sources Highlights Contains information that will help educators with every aspect of the storytelling, from choosing and coaching children for directed dramatization to telling the tale and controlling audiences Provides powerful audience management techniques, including the author's famous "settle downs" Contains a section on curriculum connections using IRA and AASL standards.

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With this book, public librarians can reduce costs significantly while maintaining or increasing quality. This is the ideal resource for that need. By making children from preschool age through third grade happy, and engaging their minds, you'll fire up their imagination—and their creativity. Wind blows Cloud. You need to find Rat. Rat eats a hole right through me, and he is much stronger than I. Rat eats insects, and I am an. World folklore is filled with tales like these, but I like this version because the fox gets her due in the end and Li le Buddy learns a valuable lesson.

Do you know any children like that? They will answer yes and laugh. A li le while later, there was a knock, knock, knock on the door. The children will laugh. Li le Buddy opened the door! Then she ran back out.

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Li le Buddy had nothing to eat all day, and when Granny came home, he was crying. But Old Mother Fox was clever and knew that li le boys loved adventure. A li le while later, there was a.

She spun him around and around and around until he was so dizzy he had no idea where he was. Then she dashed home with Li le Buddy still riding on her tail. Old Mother Fox has come today and stolen my precious Li le Buddy away! A li le while later, an old man with an organ grinder came by. He cranked his organ grinder and played music. Since you travel so much, could you please keep an eye out for him? The next day, as he was traveling through the forest, he heard a li le boy crying. At last, Old Mother Fox went outside. Old Mother Fox was the last one!

From that time on, when there was a knock, knock, knock [Mime knocking] on the door, Li le Buddy never opened it when he was by himself. As for Old Mother Fox. I gave it a contemporary twist.

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It has an interactive refrain that I love to sing with a fun rhythm. Most children are familiar with the story line and those that are not will quickly catch on and participate with gusto. She loved to read, and she loved to write! She was an author and needed help with a story. Use this voice for her throughout the story. And that was that. You can add a move for each of the animals.

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You may want to repeat it a couple of times so that the audience catches on to the rhythm and moves. Repeat the animal moves and the audience with join in. No one helped me research the story, edit the story, or write the story. The Long-Nosed Princess Korea Note from Dianne: This story is not full of raucous audience participation, although comical elements can be added when the noses grow.

As you repeat the motions of the marble, the flute, and the invisible coat in the story, the audience will catch on and participate with you, even without direct coaching or coaxing. The old woman knew that her days on earth would soon come to an end, so she called her three sons. In it, she had a clear marble, a bamboo flute, and a ragged old coat. They are but worthless, ordinary objects! Yes, they do look like ordinary objects, even junk. But the treasure lies beyond what the eyes can see. She played the flute, [Mime playing a flute] and a regiment of soldiers appeared, ready to follow orders.

She donned the worn coat [Mime pu ing on a coat] and became invisible. Jealousy breeds greed, and greed will snatch your treasures from you. The three brothers grieved, but their mother le them with lasting gi s.

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Word reached a selfish princess, and she sent the oldest brother an invitation to show the court his wonderful marble. He was honored and accepted the invitation. Once at the palace, he showed the princess and her court his treasure. A trail of gold coins followed the marble every time he rolled it.

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This treasure is mine! Like his brother before him, the second brother began bragging of his great gi. Word reached the selfish princess, and she sent the boy an invitation to show the court his wonderful flute. The second brother was honored and accepted the invitation. I love it! She then sent the young man to the. Days passed, and the youngest boy began to wonder what happened to his brothers. He decided to go to the palace to find out. He put on his magic coat [Mime pu ing on a coat] and, invisible, snuck into the palace without being seen.

Next to her was the flute. Someone is in my chambers! There, he saw an apple tree bearing red and yellow fruit. Feeling hungry, he reached up, grabbed a red apple, and began eating. Mime your nose growing. It grew and it grew as long as a hose! Wondering what he should do, he grabbed a yellow apple and bit it.

Realizing what a treasure he had, he formulated a plan to help his brothers escape. Such a tasty treat! Who will be the first to bite into this fruit so sweet? Guards, seize those apples! To her horror, her nose began to grow! The youngest brother sprang into action. He put on his magic coat and snuck into the palace again. He found the magic marble [Mime a rolling motion with your hands] and flute [Mime playing a flute] and took them.

Then he searched the dungeons and found his brothers. He unlocked their cells with a key snatched from a sleeping guard. When the brothers reached the palace gates, the youngest brother blew on the flute, [Mime playing a flute] and a regiment of soldiers appeared. The soldiers protected the three brothers as they escaped to safety. From that time forward, the brothers rejoiced in their gi s and shared them with each other. But they never told another soul about their family treasures. Master of All Masters England Note from Dianne: What makes this story so funny is the kooky language and the hilarious ending.

It is a story best used with upper elementary who will be able to decipher the code and understand the humor. So she went looking for a job. At last, a funny old fellow hired her to be his servant. Her first day on the job, the funny old fellow told her he had many things to teach her because, in his house, he had his own names for things.

Playing with Participation Stories

White-faced simminy has a spark of hot frockadoodle on her tail. Unless you get some pondalorum, the entire high topper mountain will be all on hot frockadoodle! They splashed some pondalorum on the hot frockadoodle and saved white-faced simminy. And they lived a er ever happily!