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He is very dangerous and shouldn't be approached by a member of the public. The public are being warned not to approach him. Northumbria Police say they are using all their resources and tactics to track him down. Extra firearms officers from forces including Cleveland, Humberside, West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and Cumbria, are brought in overnight to join the hunt for Moat.

It emerges that shortly before the attacks began Moat's Facebook status was changed to read: "Just got out of jail, I've lost everything Watch and see what happens. Police also say Miss Stobbart is no longer in a critical condition and has appealed directly to Moat, saying: "Please give yourself up. If you still loved me and our baby you would not be doing this. A letter apparently written by Moat declares war on the police and promises not to stop "until I'm dead". Police investigate an armed robbery on Monday 5 July at Seaton Delaval, near Blyth, about 10 miles from Newcastle, carried out by a man with a similar description to Moat.

Residents are advised to stay indoors by Northumbria Police.

However, the two men involved, said to have been taken at the time of the shooting in Birtley, have now been arrested in Rothbury on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder. The Metropolitan Police has sent 40 armed officers. Temporary Chief Constable Sue Sim says "no stone will be unturned" as she appeals for continuing support from the public. Police are about about 20ft 7m from him.

Northumbria Police Temporary Chief Constable Sue Sim later says "officers discharged Taser" while "striving to persuade Moat to give himself up peacefully". The convoy later arrives at Newcastle General Hospital. It asks why you think this happens. It asks about your family history. It asks about your relationship with your dad. You write five lines about him. It asks about your relationship with your mum.

You write nine lines. Could you tell us something about your childhood and family including any changes or separations that you experienced?

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Were any relationships especially important to you, for example with brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts or uncles? The next page is domestic life. It asks about your previous significant relationships. You put that you were seeing Marissa from until You write that you have three children and Sam is the mother of the youngest.

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You describe your relationship as extremely loving and rewarding. The next page asks about your relationship with Sam. For the bad stuff you put,. The next section is health. You write that you have asthma and need more help with it. You write that there was a recent accident where your hand got crushed, shattering the bones.

It looks terrible. A few days later a letter arrives. Another letter arrives.


Two years later you shoot three people and shoot yourself. You will be called a monster. You will be called evil. The prime minister, David Cameron, will stand up in parliament and say you were a callous murderer, end of story. They release you from prison at Stevie [a friend] picks you up at Durham prison and drives you to Fenham [a suburb in the West End of Newcastle upon Tyne]. The local bricks are red.

There are green trees and gardens. Stevie drops you off. You look around. The garden is overgrown. You walk inside. Karl appears with his girlfriend [Tara]. You say hello.

They say hello. He does odd jobs for you. He passes you the phone. The barber starts to cut your hair. You look in the mirror. Your face is tired and gaunt.

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Prison made you ill. The barber finishes your hair. For the most part the author removes himself from the narrative, assuming an editorial role over the documentary materials, yet this reads like fast, fierce pulp fiction. You shoot him in the head. Sympathy, or at least the possibility of it, is established early on, before the bloodshed.

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Moat filled out that form in Two years later he did wind up in jail, for assaulting a child. While he was locked up Sam Stobbart, his young girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, broke up with him. She then became involved with a karate instructor, Chris Brown. Sam warned Moat that Brown was younger and stronger than him — Moat had frequently beaten her up while they were together, part of a long history of his domestic violence. Moat confided to a fellow inmate that he intended to do serious harm to Stobbart and her new man. Watch and see what happens. Aided by two friends, he fled the scene.

He made taunting phone calls in which he declared war on the police, then camped out in the woods. David Rathband was in his car when Moat stalked up and shot him in the face. Rathband survived but was left blind. In the aftermath of the crime his marriage collapsed, and in he hanged himself. A 6ft 3in former cage fighter, Moat sought to kill as many police officers as he could before being taken down.

The year-old was assured of his righteousness in all this; he repeatedly claimed that the police had always been against him, goading and obstructing him when all he wanted was to go straight and raise his children well.

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Moat was a tormented man with little mastery over his violent urges. His testimony lays bare a retarded moral sense: right until the end he was largely unrepentant of his actions, elated even, and indifferent or oblivious to the pain he had caused. He was a destroyer, not a hero.