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  4. Summer , Autumn , Clouds. Years , Two , Numbers. Dream , Nurse , Vision. Send Report. Mistake: Choose Email for contact not necessary :. Related Authors Celia Johnson Actress. David Lean Film director. Aitken Glasgow Scotland. Pointless to review this classic film for its story, performances, and direction which are all superb. What one can certainly marvel at is the sensational quality of the restored print. On Blu Ray Brief Encounter emerges with such clarity of detail such beautiful gradations of the black and white spectrum, that one simply marvels at the transformation.

    The soundtrack is also refurbished and this adds greatly to ones enjoyment of the performances. Anyone who loves this film and would like to see it in all its splendour would do well to make the transition to Blu Ray, which seems fast becoming the industry standard. I loved watching this favourite again and in Blu Ray it has found a worthy home for the future.

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    The Heart Of The Matter []. Only 3 left in stock more on the way. Having read the book prior to ordering this DVD, and having read that this is one Trevor Howard's finest performances, I was somewhat surprised as to the differences between the book and the film. Okay, many of Hitchcock's adaptions for example, are completely different to the book but lend another angle to the story. What this film does is compact what is a brilliant book into a fairly good, yet fairly short film.

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    Howard's performance is brilliant as is the rest of the cast's. The problem is the characters are never given the space in the film that they are in the book and as a result, when the film finished, I felt somewhat cheated! The film starts and ends with Scobie, whereas the book doesn't. As a result the film loses the power that the book possesses and this is the great shame. What would be brilliant to see The Clouded Yellow. This is a fast-paced, engrossing story with great performances from the entire cast, and including fascinating exterior shooting.

    But, as has been noted by several reviewers, this DVD transfer is disappointing. It is not the vintage of the film, one suspects, but a problem with the production of the item - there is considerable image instability that leaves you wondering whether the thing is about to freeze at any moment.

    Staying On. Rating chosen as I totally enjoyed the DVD and could relate to the lives lead by the couple having known English men and women who chose to remain in India after Independence. I would highly recommend it. Green for Danger. This is a very stylish and enjoyable whodunnit set in the war time era.

    Alastair Sim is perffect as the slightly creepy Inspector Cochrane. The only thing that prevents this getting five stars is the advance in technology. In the s a brief glimpse of the killer could pass unnoticed. But now, with the DVD player the image can be paused and the killer sween clearly. A shame, but not entirely the fault of an otherwise enjoyable film. There are so many things that don't ring true in this film, and the most obvious is.. Elsa Martinelli.

    Totally miscast and never smearing her makeup, ever, she is so wrong, but Is she not the reason why I and so many young men at the time so loved this film? You have to be yourself! Howard repeatedly told the press he had been awarded the Military Cross, had almost drowned in the invasion of Sicily and seen action in Norway! Pettigrew claims that the man who played so many military heroes and so completely inhabited the officer class never even saw action. Questions are left answered. Pettigrew has clearly returned to research he undertook 20 years ago, a fact that gives the book a clunky feel.

    Lean wanted an unknown he could mould into the part without the audience having any preconceptions. Pettigrew portrays Howard as what he was: a hell-raiser from the old school. Like those who followed in his footsteps, Richards Harris and Burton, he saw acting as just another job. He had little time for showbiz bashes and only begrudgingly accompanied his wife, Helen Cherry, to parties. He preferred to be drinking pints with locals in his village pub in Arkley where he lived most of his life, or watching his beloved England team play cricket at Lords.