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The interview refers to Al-Duri as the "elected president of the [Ba'th] Party after its late secret Congress in Lebanon. According to Al-Duri, the Ba'th Party "is in very good health and leads the most honorable and most dignified battle of the Arab nation.

When asked as to how the capture of Saddam might have affected the Ba'th Party, Al-Duri responded: "What happened to the Comrade leader and other Comrades in the leadership was not of a surprise for us. That is why we planned for every possibility: imprisonment or martyrdom. Today and after a year and a half of the occupation, the world all over knows that the evil U. Administration and its allies are the ones who were taken for a ride concerning their appreciation of the long-term battle results.

As to the components of the resistance, Al-Duri maintains that it is made up of the Ba'th militants and Iraqi army elements, Republican Guards, security services, Saddam's Fidayyeen, and the Al-Quds Army. In an answer to the final question, Al-Duri did not have many good things to say about the Shi'a of the south. He argues that the Shi'a organizations "put sectarianism before the land," since some of these organizations "have given cover for the enemy criminal actions against our people. Newsletter 47 of November 1, , had an interview with General Abu-Mu'tassim, also conducted by the Jordanian weekly Al-Majd, which "was able to get into the heart of the heroic Iraqi Resistance.

General Abu Mu'tassim nom de guerre is identified as "a leader of the Resistance" and a "field general" of the now defunct Republican Guard. Abu Mu'tassim spoke of the resistance in Iraq.

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In Iraqi terms, the resistance "has spread its complete control over a great number of Iraqi towns. The general argues that the U.

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Iraqis, he said, "know the volume of these losses; they are always capable to increase them. In the interview, Abu Mu'tassim refused to describe the structure of the military command which leads the military operations, but said there was "a unified military high-command, which supervises the rudder of the Resistance in all Iraq.

The military command includes a representative of the political branch of the Ba'th Party who connects the military and the political leadership with each other. Final Say. Long reads. Lib Dems. US Politics. Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn.

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Premium Articles. Subscription offers. In the Gazette de France began discussing politics, rather than simply reporting the orbit of royals around their palaces, eliciting a surprised reaction from that otherwise jaded observer, the bookseller Bachaumont. This publicity campaign created a temporary space for public debate that has, for all its limitations, been justly represented by Jonathan Riley, Edmund Dziembowski and others as an important step in undermining the absolutist regime.

Louis XIV is recorded as having asked his Ambassador if the English had any writers or men of learning. What is striking about this motivation for the Gazette is not that it should have struck Walpole as amusing, but rather that it was seen as necessary at all. As a language of polite correspondence and intellectual exchange, French appears unrivalled in the eighteenth century. Though it may be hard to reach any firm conclusions, the question of when and how English replaced French as the international language of scientific, literary and intellectual communication is one well worth considering.

The cost of a subscription came down from livres to 36 livres, opening up a new market and a wider audience. In October Sainte Albine retired and was replaced by Arnaud. Some of these were more willing than others. In June Wilkes had begun publishing his own anti-ministerial periodical, The North Briton, which accused the King's favourite, the 3rd Marquis of Bute, of betraying English interests during the negotiations of the Peace.

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The infamous 45th issue published on 23 April led to a charge of seditious libel, and Wilkes fled to Paris, where he would remain in almost uninterrupted exile until Charles Churchill, on John Ogilvie, on the Rev. Suard thus presented the fictional 3 rd -century Gaelic bard to a French audience for the first time. Otherwise the terms of Suard's praise hardly differ from those by which Ossian's German and other European fans justified their enthusiasm. He apologized for Ossian's rough edges, noting that:.

In the s and s tomb-filled gardens and bois were laid out in the Parc Monceau, at Ermenonville, and elsewhere. All these required contacts and funds, to cover official fees as well as douceurs — all this before a publisher was hired and a single page was printed. Of the twenty-four established in , fifteen failed to see their first birthday.