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Water is the balance to fire, a partner elemental essential for the new growth that comes after her purification work. Vesta is interested only in substance and the divine work of your true home and path.

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Throw a dinner party and cook for loved ones in your home. Nurture them with the work of your hands, and the food of your kitchen. Find and enjoy the sacred in it. Light a candle, get out some paper, and spend time reflecting on your goals, be they personal or business, and establish plans to keep you focussed on them.

What will nurture you through your work? What do you need to be able to sustain the work for as long as necessary? Where would some routine help? Look up at the sun during the day and reflect a moment on her constant burning energy and the warmth it sends you. Try to do this a couple of times a day for at least a week. Try burnt oranges and yellows, warm whites, or a fiery red if you need a boost to get started. Women who walk with the fire goddess are going to connect at times with her wild, passionate side, and my research has found at least 20 Vestals hauled before the courts for misbehaviour, most commonly taking lovers: a crime punishable by death.

The priestesses of Vesta, or the Vestal Virgins, took a vow of chastity enforced for 30 years of mandatory service from her age of entry at years old, through adolescence and the height of her sexuality to the age of when she had the first choice to leave. Get the full article here. Take the personality quiz to see what kind of priestess you might have been…. The Vestal Virgins were women of fire in every sense. Not only was a Vestal a priestess of the goddess of the hearth fire, Vesta, she was protectress of Rome, political powerhouse, A-list woman of the city, untouchable, more independent than any other Roman woman, and had the strength of character to withstand a lifetime of strict chastity with the constant threat of punishment by death.

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Take the fun personality quiz to see which priestess of fire you are, and get insights on your personal powers and inspirations for success in your world. Brought to you by Fire and Sacrifice , based on a true story, where the priestesses of fire were real. You would prefer to drink Champagne and strawberries, ideally while dancing A full bodied red wine, preferably by a fireplace Top shelf whisky straight-up, in crystal A variety sampled from the cocktail menu. Emperor Vespasian pictured on front. British Museum. I spent days on end in the British Museum and British Library while researching for Fire and Sacrifice , and loved every minute.

To be surrounded by the history, a story in every object… Exploring, writing, coffee, exploring, writing, coffee…. Some of my favourite things in the Roman rooms of the British Museum that I can imagine the priestesses of Vesta may just have owned…. Roman blue glass perfume bottle AD. Roman terracotta oil jug, BC — 70BC. Roman gold hair pin, 1st Century. Skip to content It is in October that the tale of the three priestesses in Fire and Sacrifice begins, so this October years later my monthly post goes back to the beginning. Seven simple things you can do to connect with Vesta 1.

You would prefer to drink. Champagne and strawberries, ideally while dancing. A full bodied red wine, preferably by a fireplace. Top shelf whisky straight-up, in crystal. A variety sampled from the cocktail menu. At a party you are usually.


Bringing in the cake and organising games. Flitting round all the different people in the room including the dance floor. Enjoying a great conversation with friends. Working the room, with an eye on key people you want to know or influence. At work or in business you are. Good at strategy and pulling together creative teams. A bit of a loner with your eye on the chief executive office. As for what became of Veleda, thanks to Statius, a poet who wrote a decade or so after the rebellion, we know the answer.

After that, suggests classicist Grant Parker, a satirical inscription discovered in the s suggests Veleda may have become a priestess at a temple in Ardea, not far from Rome itself. That would be convenient; her conquerors could keep an eye on her and continue to utilize her mystical talents for their own purposes.

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Thus, while we have no evidence she appeared as a prisoner in a triumph like other captives, perhaps lived out her life in relative peace. If you loved this story, read about Constance Markievicz, the countess who led the Irish rebellion of Then, dive into incredible histories of these 11 women warriors of the ancient world.

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By Carly Silver. Not only did Veleda prophesy her people's victory against Rome, she was also worshipped as a goddess. Share Tweet Email. Report a bad ad experience. Carly Silver. Previous Post.

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You might also like. Colla and Aete fell in love and often met by the Pool of Cahir-dinn. Aete forgot all about being a priestess and planned to run away with Colla but a sentry saw them. Aete was put in prison, her lover having escaped. One night Colla managed to get Aete out of prison, but they.

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