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Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. To top Your browser does not support JavaScript! Browse All Flavors.

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Customize Cooler. Your browser does not support JavaScript! Overview Description What better way to celebrate the Nittany Lions than to add "White Out" -- a sweet blend of buttery popcorn flavor ice cream and white chocolate chips -- to your tailgate menu.

We are! This was by far one of the top 5 ice cream flavors I have ever tasted. It has the slightest sweet popcorn flavor, and the white chocolate pieces put the whipped cream on it! Not literally. This is a must have for every freezer.

Caught Between Ice and a Coldblooded Killer

You may also like Alumni Swirl. The text and images are still there.

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Anyone can access them simply by putting their cursor over the area and copying and pasting to another document. These tools let you permanently remove redact visible text and images from PDF documents to protect confidential information such as social security numbers or witness photos. Whiteout is a one-click method that erases the content you select and switches the area it was in to a white background.

It eliminates the data, metadata, and structural content where the tool was applied, which cannot be retrieved. Redaction also eliminates the text and images you select but also provides you with additional capabilities in the Properties menu and to Search and Redact based on patterns.

Redaction requires two steps: selecting marking the content for redaction and applying it.

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This enables you to review the content and be sure you want to redact it before you commit to it. In both cases, the redaction is utterly secure, removing the original text or image from the document. No one can hover over the area to copy and paste, because the content is gone, period. Also, both methods are permanent and cannot be reversed.