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Jay Richardson. Ryan Spangler. Shawn Garbett. Mark W. Richard Mitchell.

Quyd Zsatho. David Janik-Jones.

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Magnificent Ms. Stiletto Heights by Canuck on added more Genesis by Canuck on added more Indica Error by Lazy Bones Studios on I could not for the life of me figure out where to post this Cases of Sherlock Holmes by Canuck on added more The Mavericks had the emperor on his heels, or so they thought.

The wizard-emperor of Avalon has retaliated and toils away on his secret plan from the bowels of his mountain stronghold. As Sam and his group journey northward to test their wits and skills against the famed Trials of Olen, both old and new demons threaten to pull the group apart from the inside.

See a Problem?

Can Sam keep the group together and claim Olen's fabled prize or is the emperor one step ahead? Will Sam ever find the location of the Gate Minder's Key? Find out that and more in The Vacant Realm!